Monday, August 25, 2008

Always Listen to Your Inner Voice

When I was digging for change in my car I kept thinking I should head to Starbucks. After all, I could only find $2.80 in various denominations and while Starbucks is delish (yes, it's also all things evil) it simply doesn't offer the same atmosphere the local coffee house does. And atmosphere is what I was after. Or at least would I thought I was after. I didn't have enough money for the latte and had too much pride to walk away from the mindless drone watching me count out all my change with zero appreciation for the humor in any of it (jokes at my own expense included). So now I'm stuck with nasty iced coffee, which naturally overflowed on me when I tried to dilute its mega strength with milk and sugar. Had I listened to my inner voice I'd be sipping a grande iced latte instead of trying my best to choke down this...this...battery acid. Had I listened to my inner voice I wouldn't have spent my last $20 bucks for 2 hours of irritation over coffee, I would have taken something (very strong) for my throbbing headache and above all I'd be in a position to not be digging for change in the depths of my car at 34yrs old. But that is a totally different topic! Hell, lets be honest, I learn my lessons the hard way and late in life. Most importantly I'd be drinking the DAMN beverage of my choice...I hate this place!!! I'm never coming back....well, not until the weekend but still.

20 minutes of precious time wasted and David is going to rip me a new one for charging $3.25 (I think it's best he find this out when he opens the bill -shhh don't tell) but it's all worth it. I'm finally and blissfully at Starbucks. Less atmosphere, more old people whining about the cost of prescription drugs (seriously) and one 12yr old barista calling me mam but it's all worth it.