Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pao Fa Temple...exploring and relaxing in a Buddhist way

Ahh the tranquility of a religious space is so soothing to the soul that it's sometimes difficult remembering why you didn't go sooner or why you don't spend as much time in a place that brings you peace as you probably ought to.

That's how I felt last Friday when my friend Jennifer and I took our boys (and my mom) on an outing to a local Chinese Buddhist temple. From the outside the building itself reveals nothing of the beauty it holds. My mom thought it was a storage facility and Jennifer revealed that most people think it's a restaurant. Me, I'd drive by and glance in it's direction before refocusing on the task at hand. Like the Buddhist themselves, so unassuming and humble with beauty and tranquility emitting from their peaceful presence and the glow of life that shines bright through their eyes, the temple was a true gem.

Next stop will be Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights. I'm hoping for gardens and a place to release a prayer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm getting bratty about a vacation...or lack, thereof

OK, so this is incredibly childish but I want to be on vacation! 

One thing is for certain, my family is in the midst of a tornado of change. I believe that most of this change is for the best and I'm truly excited about what I imagine coming to our future but life wouldn't be balanced if we didn't get our fair share of stress. Both individually and collectively we are faithfully following whatever direction and obstacle is being thrown at us.

But with so much uncertainty I am craving a vacation with a flurry of emotions. I want to scream..but I deserve a vacation!!! I have been dreaming of a beautiful beach with a warm breeze that wraps around my body as I nap on a recliner. I'm slightly embarrassed to say it's becoming an obsession which my I am physically beginning to crave. Is it possible to develop an addiction to a fantasy? I'm beginning to believe it is.

Ahh a vacation away from everything is so tempting but the reality is that I know that I'll be waiting awhile for it...sigh. Maybe if the weather ever warms I can hose off Fabrizio's blow-up kiddie pool, get in, close my eyes and pretend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alright already!

With my second year in motion I am finding myself in a strange place. Normally I would be biting my nails trying to figure out what to take on next, instead I could care less. I"m in the space of being completely content. Weird. Rarely am I content. I guess that it's one of those times that I should really just enjoy the emotion especially since it's a nice one. Who wants to hurry along content? Not me.

There are some things that I've been contemplating lately and wouldn't mind giving some additional thought to them. Mainly I've been thinking about God. I'm not a fiercely religious person but liken myself to being more spiritually curious. I was raised catholic and while that is as ingrained in my DNA as my eye color Fabrizio attends a Jewish school, on occasion we attend the Presbyterian church near our home and just for good measure I babble in Buddhism.

So as of late I've been thinking about God and the possibility that Jesus isn't his one true son. I'm liking the idea that perhaps he was a prophet send to a region to help guide them, like the other people around the globe who are idealized for their level of consciousness.

What about heaven? Do we really end up there or is that just a story that makes us feel good?

What about the idea of spirit guides or angels? I like this idea that each soul has things to accomplish and that there is this other worldly presence that helps guide us to the next level.

If there is truly a God then how come he seems rather mean? What about Buddha? He was a nice guy. Why don't we all follow his teachings? After all, the God of the old testament sure killed people easily. That in itself doesn't seem very nice. If you're this all powerful guy can't you make people nice?

Too many questions but I welcome some discussion on the issue.