Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm focused...what was that? focused?

A 5:30am wake up call from my little dude does not guarantee a morning on schedule. Why, I have no idea. I'll just blame it on exhaustion or my total lack of consciousness.
After dropping Fabrizio at school this morning I bolted, as fast as the security guard would let me in a parking lot full of preschoolers, to the coffee shop to get much needed fuel. I had a full list of "to-do's" that needed to be checked off. Only I wasn't so much bolting as flooring it and wondering why I was only going 35mph. Granted I was going up hill but my 8 yr old basic model Honda CRV has a little more oomph. Sadly, it took me about 5 blocks to finally figure out that I had the parking break on. What's worse is that I do this all the freaking time! I don't even want to know what kind of damage I'm doing to my car because without it Fabrizio and I would most definitely be bus and bike bound. Now, I'm all for the environment but we're in Newport and I know that this will sound totally shallow (and quite unlike me) but I can not take the bus as my sole mode of transport. I don't even know if it would be possible.
Focus, Nancy! Back to this morning, the coffee helped to give me a little pep. Maybe too much, I'm ticking of to-do after to-do and it's only by chance that I  look at the clock. FUUUCK!! I have less than 5 minutes to get across town and pick up my kid.
Now I'm driving like a mad woman (wondering why I didn't go into Formula 1), shooting death rays and the occasional foul word at a granny driving 35 in a 55 and totally jamming traffic. Not my most Zen moment.
I make it, a few minutes late. Thankfully harming no one in the process but am now fully aware that I am rarely fully aware.  I've always thought that was one of my strong suits but I am humbled once again at the lessons life is teaching me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing...Hannah Montana, say what?

I watch way too much Disney channel!!

As you may or may not know I am currently working on completely a list of 40 things I'd like to do by the time I'm 40 yrs old (shut up). I started on my birthday back in March and have accomplished quite a bit.

-Dinner at Benihana (a longing from childhood)
-Confession (something that all Catholics feel some level of guilt about not doing)
-Rock wall climbing (lots of fun but not my sport)
-A 20 consecutive day yoga challenge (personally rewarding if not physically debilitating)
-A spiritual retreat (sort of)
-Flying a kite (not the Mary Poppins experience I had hoped)
-Skinny dipping (no comment)
-Attend a concert (yeah, I've done this one before plenty of times but it has been years)
-Chose a career path (writing)
and finally...
-Write something for publication (done...almost)

I've been pretty busy, right? I'm not even adding all the cool things I've been up to that aren't on the list. I know, I'm tooting my horn but I've been a couch potato for 3 1/2 years (I don't actually know if that's possible with a 3 1/2yr old).

My life has become full and fun but (and there always is a but) I'm having trouble writing and submitting. You must be thinking "How can that be? She's so incredibly talented." OK so maybe that's just wishful thinking. Yesterday I had two hours to work on the final draft of my story and the query but instead found myself playing on the internet. You'd be surprised at the cost of houses in Newport and the extent of Lindsey Lohan's prescription drug addiction. I'm telling you now that both are totally out of control! And today when I usually have 3 hours I've scheduled something right smack in the middle. All together now, self sabotage. Yep, that's me. *sigh*

I'm committed to writing....uhhh, that freaks me out a please wish me well and say countless tiny prayers that I don't wuss out.

Am I depressing anyone besides myself?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer has finally arrived

I nearly had an orgasm (slight exaggeration, but I was VERY happy) when I saw the sun at 8am. After months of gloom summer has finally decided to make an appearance. Energy supplements can officially be stored away for winter. Daily espresso shots? Who needs them! Shorts have been donned and swimsuits are making an enthusiastic, albeit slightly timid appearance.

Today I dusted off the inflatable kiddie pool and turned the hose on high. Yes, I know we are in a drought but I am living the dream. Well, the dream of a 7 year old with no pool of her own...and of course, ahem, it was all for Fabrizio. I know he'd rather be no where near a body of water larger than the bath tub (which in this case it barely is) and he finds the sun a little strong for his eyes. I am just too excited to finally feel the heat of summer and am more than happy to cover him from head to toe in what could possibly pass as a mini burka while we spend the afternoon splashing in 3 inches of water.

Good times. Good times.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breathe deeply. Repeat.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Five exhausting days of cooking, cleaning and general care taking of 3 males ages 3 1/2 - 88yrs...long deep breathe.

Walking into my home ready to collapse on the couch only to find it splattered with cat vomit ...breathe.

Not being able to quiet my mind and ending up with 4 hours of sleep...breathe.

Realizing that the only possible options for breakfast are stale chocolate chip cookies and a rotten banana...breathe.

Hoping for a warm summer day to help me get going, only to open the door and find it raining...sigh, breathe.

Rushing to get Fab to school on time for his first day only to be stuck behind the worlds slowest postal truck...resign and breathe.

Leaving the "fancy" grocery store empty handed because the cat food I want is $1.00 a can....curse under my breath and breathe.

Reversing in the "cheaper" grocery store parking lot, looking in my rear view mirror, only to see a woman jumping out of my way in a wave of panic...disturbingly satisfying.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hoarders is a sad f*ing show!!

The other night while I was channel surfing I landed on a show called Hoarders. It's like a bad accident, you can't help but to slow down for a quick peek. It was about 5 minutes in and the crew was trying to convince a woman, with clearly too much stuff, to get rid of it all. I was totally hooked. Tupperware piled in the corner? Chuck it! Old clothes 3 feet deep on the kitchen table? Donate it! Old mail stacked on the floor? Shred it! I was in the midst of mob mentality, jeering and cheering, until they pulled out a stuffed animal. One of the hosts held it up and asked, "Why are you keeping this thing?" This is when my heart was pulled out of my chest. "Because it reminds me of when my son was little. He would cuddle me on the couch while we watched his favorite show." Squeeze heart, turn on water works. "Well, can't we just take a picture of you, your son and this stuffed animal? Wouldn't that be just as good?" No, she can't! "No!" You go girl!! "What does it represent to you?" Maybe the host was doing her job but in my estimation she is a cold hearted childless bitch! "It represents a time when my son loved me unconditionally. When he wasn't ashamed to cuddle his mother." She's sobbing and hugging that damn stuffed animal for dear life. I'm praying my husband doesn't come in to find me crying hysterically over some TV show. It's not the show but the sad fact that before too long my son won't want to cuddle me and all I'll have left is some memory of a time when he couldn't get enough love from his mommy. Damn, I'm crying now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Essiential Travel Tips

There are few things I love more than traveling. There was even a time when I considered a nomadic lifestyle. No joke. I love to travel. Yet, it's something I rarely do anymore. I guess I had attributed it mainly to settling down and having a child. Both pathetic excuses. Over the past few years my adventures have slowed to a near trickle of what they used to be. Sure I travel but it's no where near as exciting as it was back in my backpacker days. Now, its less "Let's go whereever the wind takes us" and more "Do you have to go? There's a potty at the Starbucks on the corner and mommy can get a coffee."

It should go without saying that one of the things I love above travel is my family. (Insert deep sigh) However, after 2 consecutive weekend getaways and 1 extended stay at the in-laws, I've come to the conclusion that there are some things anyone traveling with a 3 yr old must know first:

1. Don't assume your child is potty trained! Chances are questionable things have happened in your hotel room. My beloved saintly child has officially committed one of these questionable acts. We were in San Diego. Fabrizio was running around naked while I was getting us ready when I noticed total silence. Never something a mother wants to hear unless her child is sleeping. Thankfully the room was small and it only took me a moment to figure out that he was in the armoire. Silence. I pulled open the door to find him frozen with that far away look in his eyes that could only mean one thing...he's pooping! No, no, no! I grabbed him by the elbows and raced to the toilet but the deed had already been done. There in the armoire was a 6 inch poop standing on end. Totally gross. I cleaned and sanitized the area to the best of my abilities but still...totally gross. So if you're ever in San Diego just pop me a quick email to give you the hotel name and room number to avoid.

2. Even though it's classified as a get away be prepared to come home more exhausted than when you left.

3. To assume your child will enjoy the pool is very very naive. Even though he told me repeatedly that he didn't want to go in the pool I was certain that it was only because he didn't remember what a great time he had swimming last summer. I have never been more wrong. With screams of terror as he clung like a koala to my body, and disapproving looks from my fellow pool goers, I slowly waded into the pool. We lasted an entire 3 minutes before I gave up.

4. When choosing a restaurant for dinner it doesn't count as child friendly just because it has a piano in the bar. Fabrizio loves music and we all love food so this should have been a total hit. Umm..nope, wrong again. Check please!

5. If you are traveling by train (mainly applies to Europe) and you have a stroller and luggage make sure that the station has elevators. I don't need to tell you what a pain in the you-know-what lugging all that up and down stairs is! On the plus side, it's a nice way to burn off those extra pounds of pasta :0)

6. Just because it's somewhere you've spent time, never ever assume that it'll be easier. With cries of  "I want Wiggles", "I want a lollipop"...I want, I want, I want. I want a real vacation!

My suggestions? Stay home, blow up a kiddie pool and grab a burger at McDonalds. You might not be happy but everyone else will be and that my friends is as good as anything.