Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nearly a year ago I was down, way down. My life wasn't going in the direction I wanted at all and I had only myself to blame. So rather than throw myself a pity party (of which I am particularly good) I made a list of things that I thought I might be interested in doing with the promise of doing them by the time I reach 40.

Now I am ready for another change, a new direction of sorts. For the past few months I haven't been very satisfied with this blog and then it hit me..it needed to change with me.

A seed had been planted and now that seed is growing.

Below is the list I made before my 36th birthday (anything with an asterisk following it I've accomplished):

1. Learn to play 1 song on the guitar
2. Learn to make croissants *
3. Paddle board
4. Rock wall climb *
5. Benihana *
6. Go to Confession *
7. Indoor sky dive
8. Do yoga for 20 consecutive days *
9. Learn to meditate properly (and do it) *
10. Go wine tasting
11. Ride a Vespa
12. See a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
13. Run (and walk) a marathon for a cause
14. Take a cooking class
15. Fly alone
16. Go on a spiritual retreat *
17. Snowboard
18. Karaoke
19. Skinny dip*
20. Write something for publication*
21. Knit a scarf
22.Go on a river rafting trip
23.Swim under a waterfall
24. Throw a great party *
25. Go dancing until the wee hours of the morning
26. Learn to samba
27. Take a helicopter ride
28. Ride a mechanical bull
29. Attend a comedy show
30.Learn to make pottery/ sculpt
31. Fly a kite*
32. Learn a language
33. Visit a psychic
34. Attend a Concert*
35. Trace my ancestry
36. Get remarried by Elvis in Vegas
37. Start a business or find a career path*
38. Volunteer
39. Read the bible
40. Own a home

For consideration:

train a healing dog
make a documentary
have a past life regression
create some type of helping organization
go down the grand canyon
visit Bryce and Zion
go to a jazz club in Chicago
revisit my old college

Some things I've always been curious about, some I've done before and really enjoyed...however it made the list isn't important. What is important is that I'm getting off the couch and recreating a life I enjoy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A busy weekend makes for good thought

So the weekend was a blur. Friday date night, Saturday were holiday parties, and Sunday we had a holiday concert in Long Beach with the Pops and I got to go to a comedy show with some friends. It, in all, was a good weekend. I did, however, learn quite a lot and I feel it only appropriate to share:

1. Date night should mean that you are out past 6:30 unless, I suppose, you are in for a romantic evening. I'm guessing that sitting on the couch in my cozy PJ's watching TV for hours does not count as "romantic".

2. When going to holiday parties it is implied that there will be lots of alcohol so it might be a good idea to eat during the day of the party or at least drink some water. Neither of which I did. Really, how dumb can you get? Needless to say I was not my best the next day. Which takes me to number 3.

3. Make sure that when you make very dumb drinking mistakes you are not staying with your in laws. It's, umm, embarrassing.

4. Don't take a 4 year old who is sensitive to sound to a concert. We stayed for about 10 minutes.

5. I love comedy shows. Nothing to gripe about there, just thought I'd throw it in.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fa La La La La...I'm over it!!

Ok, I'm going to sound like an old lady for a moment but where does the time go? Seriously, it was just summer! Don't get me wrong the season itself is welcome. It's just as though I am often left feeling like I'm in a race to nowhere.

I'm sure that you can relate, right? At first it was a rush to Halloween and the birthday party I was throwing. Then rush rush Thanksgiving is almost here, oops don't forget Fabrizio's birthday (brief pause) Happy Birthday to you.... next day, Happy Chanukah (yes, I'm certifiable by adding in Chanukah) ! Ok, I have a couple of days to catch my breath. Nevermind there is a list of things to do before the weekend of Christmas parties. Followed by another weekend of Christmas parties, a visit with Santa and...HOLY CRAP, I have to buy presents!!