Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back to my life put on hold

At times life takes you away from your goals and puts you on a different course all together. That's exactly my life has done for the last five months. The most frustrating part was that I wasn't even consulted! As everything was starting to gain momentum in my life the universe decided it had other plans which brought everything I had been cultivating to a grinding halt.  First I became unexpectedly pregnant, which for us is stressful considering my history. Then our family suffered two deaths -my father-in-law and grandmother, both were very close to us. Now three months past the last death and 8 months into my pregnancy I'm ready to get back to where I left off.

By the end of July I was in a definite funk and knew that something had to be done. All I wanted to do was escape life. But how? I couldn't just take a vacation in the midst of everything or could I? The least I could do was give myself a mental vacation and so on August 1st I mentally boarded a flight to France to begin a month long mental vacation. I don't know exactly what I was expecting as I loaded up on french movies, memoirs about moving to France, language Cd's and, my favorite part, food but it didn't take more than a few days before I felt lighter. By the end of the month I was feeling more myself again and now that we're nearing the end of September I finally feel as though I can resume the life I had but on pause.

I did learn a couple of things about myself during that mental vacation. The first being that it really is possible to trick your brain. The second, is that I suck at languages and that I might need to take learning a language off my list of 40, or at least revise it to be more attainable like learn key phrases. Third, aside from pastries, crepes and cheese I don't really like much french food but I REALLY like pastries, crepes and cheese.  Finally, I'm not as big of a francophile as I'd like to be. That last part was a little sad for me but I'd be willing to give it try after try.