Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vacuums are a rip off!

In addressing my favorite pastime (procrastination) I've come across a few things that I've been putting off. Some for so long that I've somewhat adjusted to their inconveniences. For example, buying a new vacuum. It's been nearly 3 months since the electrical cord detached from the actual vacuum. I'm either an extremely adaptable person or extremely lazy. Since it's death I've been using the Dust Devil. Yup, that's a hand vac! Nothing like being down on all fours with a hand held trying to clean a rug before the battery dies. I've even been able to make a little game trying to guess which will happen first - the battery dying or Fabrizio commendering the Dust Devil yelling "All Done".

In true "new motivated" me style I headed to Target this weekend to price new vacuums. Did you know that they're expensive? Anywhere from $75 to $500! I think I've come to a rational decision...somewhat. That is I actually enjoy the thrill of the handy vac game and am willing to keep playing. Vacuums are too expensive and I'm not willing to sacrifice a years worth of lattes for the convenience of standing. Now that would be lazy!

**On a side note Elmo finally got new batteries and can now tell a full story! No more "Elmooooo hhhhaaasss soommeeeth..Elllmmmmoooo hhhhaaassss" I'm such a good mom!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anyone still out there?

Hello There...that is if anyone is still reading this blog. I know I have been terribly lazy about writing but the truth is I just don't feel as though I've anything to say. Life is going along fairly smoothly without much excitement or variation so there isn't much to bitch about. Not that I haven't been wanting for something to complain about because I have. I love complaining it's like a shot of happiness when the world is grey. Anyway it's driving me MAD as in CRAZY. Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely not looking for drama of any sort but a little something exciting would be good. Do any of my 2 readers out there have any advice? I'd love to hear it. No I'm begging! And don't worry I will be back online if only for lent. Ahhh yes, lent. I have taken on the overwhelming task of giving up sloth and procrastination, along with Easter candies but that's a whole different entry that might be coming soon. It has been an entire week and those chocolate bunnies and cadburry eggs are calling out to me. Back on track...focus! So for the entirety of lent I can not succumb to my lazy nature. It's killing me!!Normally I'd have caved by now but I'm pretty descent about not cheating God. Unfortunately I'm not perfect and I wrote this blog Monday and it's now Wednesday...but hey, it's done!