Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vacuums are a rip off!

In addressing my favorite pastime (procrastination) I've come across a few things that I've been putting off. Some for so long that I've somewhat adjusted to their inconveniences. For example, buying a new vacuum. It's been nearly 3 months since the electrical cord detached from the actual vacuum. I'm either an extremely adaptable person or extremely lazy. Since it's death I've been using the Dust Devil. Yup, that's a hand vac! Nothing like being down on all fours with a hand held trying to clean a rug before the battery dies. I've even been able to make a little game trying to guess which will happen first - the battery dying or Fabrizio commendering the Dust Devil yelling "All Done".

In true "new motivated" me style I headed to Target this weekend to price new vacuums. Did you know that they're expensive? Anywhere from $75 to $500! I think I've come to a rational decision...somewhat. That is I actually enjoy the thrill of the handy vac game and am willing to keep playing. Vacuums are too expensive and I'm not willing to sacrifice a years worth of lattes for the convenience of standing. Now that would be lazy!

**On a side note Elmo finally got new batteries and can now tell a full story! No more "Elmooooo hhhhaaasss soommeeeth..Elllmmmmoooo hhhhaaassss" I'm such a good mom!


JMT said...

Lattes are better indeed. Good choice, friend!

Stacey said...

I don't have a vacuum at home either.I steal the one from the gym to clean our area rug. Have you checked craigslist. Maybe you could sacrifice a weeks worth of latte's for standing. I don't mean a consecutive week. That would be cruel and unusual punishment!