Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There's room for do-overs

A few weeks ago I signed up for a french course through the local community college. Obviously, I didn't think that I had enough going on and am some sort of gluten for punishment. French happens to be on a list of things I'd like to accomplish in this lifetime and I guess the idea of stimulating my brain was...well, dumb. I am days away from a midterm that covers up to chapter 14 and I am well, at chapter 6. My lagging became painfully obvious when last Tuesday I went over to my friend Julie's house to get help on a quiz. Julie who spent a few months in France learning the language. Julie who I consider a practical linguist. Well that quiz went terribly wrong and I ended up with 12 out of 20 or 60%. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the grading curve that comes to a D-. I am screwed!! Three things I forgot when I signed up for this class:
1. I'm crazy competitive with myself. So needless to say I'm a little pissed at ME.
2. I'm easily distracted and a tad lazy.
and most importantly...
3. I'm terrible at languages.



Jo In The Congo said...

French is difficult and over-rated ;) Just take the class again -otherwise your competitive butt would be annoyed for life- and ace this thing. Tu peux le faire!

Stella said...

read this blog. Make sure you look at the post "Engineer, or Career Criminal". It will make you feel better about you and your child:

jules hanna said...

1. I applaud you for trying to learn a new language. Not many people have the guts or drive to try something new.
2. You are by no means dumb for wanting to stimulate your brain, and I personally consider you an intelligent individual who chooses to use your brain for good as opposed to putting it to waste like so many do these days.
3. You are not terrible at languages, and I am by no means a linguist. Just because I slept with a few French guys during my stay in France.....yeah right, the French guys I met were all perverts! C'est vraie!
4. It's obvious that I didn't learn a damn thing while in France considering I helped you with your exam and you received a "D".
5. Do your best and can I just add....maybe you need a different instructor? Perhaps one that motivates as opposed to discourages her students.
6. C'est ca.