Monday, July 5, 2010

Hoarders is a sad f*ing show!!

The other night while I was channel surfing I landed on a show called Hoarders. It's like a bad accident, you can't help but to slow down for a quick peek. It was about 5 minutes in and the crew was trying to convince a woman, with clearly too much stuff, to get rid of it all. I was totally hooked. Tupperware piled in the corner? Chuck it! Old clothes 3 feet deep on the kitchen table? Donate it! Old mail stacked on the floor? Shred it! I was in the midst of mob mentality, jeering and cheering, until they pulled out a stuffed animal. One of the hosts held it up and asked, "Why are you keeping this thing?" This is when my heart was pulled out of my chest. "Because it reminds me of when my son was little. He would cuddle me on the couch while we watched his favorite show." Squeeze heart, turn on water works. "Well, can't we just take a picture of you, your son and this stuffed animal? Wouldn't that be just as good?" No, she can't! "No!" You go girl!! "What does it represent to you?" Maybe the host was doing her job but in my estimation she is a cold hearted childless bitch! "It represents a time when my son loved me unconditionally. When he wasn't ashamed to cuddle his mother." She's sobbing and hugging that damn stuffed animal for dear life. I'm praying my husband doesn't come in to find me crying hysterically over some TV show. It's not the show but the sad fact that before too long my son won't want to cuddle me and all I'll have left is some memory of a time when he couldn't get enough love from his mommy. Damn, I'm crying now.

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JMT said...

Oh Nancy! It's perfectly fine to cry in front of a tv show because it reminds you of something sad that has happend or might happen in the future. How time flies... But for now, your son is the cuddliest boy, so enjoy him :)