Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm focused...what was that? focused?

A 5:30am wake up call from my little dude does not guarantee a morning on schedule. Why, I have no idea. I'll just blame it on exhaustion or my total lack of consciousness.
After dropping Fabrizio at school this morning I bolted, as fast as the security guard would let me in a parking lot full of preschoolers, to the coffee shop to get much needed fuel. I had a full list of "to-do's" that needed to be checked off. Only I wasn't so much bolting as flooring it and wondering why I was only going 35mph. Granted I was going up hill but my 8 yr old basic model Honda CRV has a little more oomph. Sadly, it took me about 5 blocks to finally figure out that I had the parking break on. What's worse is that I do this all the freaking time! I don't even want to know what kind of damage I'm doing to my car because without it Fabrizio and I would most definitely be bus and bike bound. Now, I'm all for the environment but we're in Newport and I know that this will sound totally shallow (and quite unlike me) but I can not take the bus as my sole mode of transport. I don't even know if it would be possible.
Focus, Nancy! Back to this morning, the coffee helped to give me a little pep. Maybe too much, I'm ticking of to-do after to-do and it's only by chance that I  look at the clock. FUUUCK!! I have less than 5 minutes to get across town and pick up my kid.
Now I'm driving like a mad woman (wondering why I didn't go into Formula 1), shooting death rays and the occasional foul word at a granny driving 35 in a 55 and totally jamming traffic. Not my most Zen moment.
I make it, a few minutes late. Thankfully harming no one in the process but am now fully aware that I am rarely fully aware.  I've always thought that was one of my strong suits but I am humbled once again at the lessons life is teaching me.