Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reveing up to a turtles pace

So maybe I'm harder on myself than I need to be and maybe I'm also a little competitive with myself. After all, that's always been my MO. Try something, feel insecure with my abilities, find someone doing it better and then quit. Obviously that hasn't been very effective. That admission alone is a little embarrassing. I mean really, how stupid can you get? OK, I guess I could be a lot dumber but it certainly hasn't been a recipe for success.

I'm a slightly cautious to write this but heck, here it goes, a new tide has turned. The snails pace of last week is speeding up to that of a turtle. Instead of focusing on what I'm not up to I realized that there are 2 things I can check off my list right now -knitting a scarf and snowboarding. That negative little voice in my head has been working over time. You know the one, right?

While I'm not celebrating the start of a new business I am taking small steps to create the outcome I'm after. I can't promise that the desire to return to my previous ways wont sneak up or that I'll always stay positive but if I can just keep this forward movement I know that I'll get the life I'm after.

We are our own worst enemies. Who knows what we could accomplish if we didn't listen to that little voice? As cheesy as it sounds, the sky really is the limit.

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