Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm getting bratty about a vacation...or lack, thereof

OK, so this is incredibly childish but I want to be on vacation! 

One thing is for certain, my family is in the midst of a tornado of change. I believe that most of this change is for the best and I'm truly excited about what I imagine coming to our future but life wouldn't be balanced if we didn't get our fair share of stress. Both individually and collectively we are faithfully following whatever direction and obstacle is being thrown at us.

But with so much uncertainty I am craving a vacation with a flurry of emotions. I want to scream..but I deserve a vacation!!! I have been dreaming of a beautiful beach with a warm breeze that wraps around my body as I nap on a recliner. I'm slightly embarrassed to say it's becoming an obsession which my I am physically beginning to crave. Is it possible to develop an addiction to a fantasy? I'm beginning to believe it is.

Ahh a vacation away from everything is so tempting but the reality is that I know that I'll be waiting awhile for it...sigh. Maybe if the weather ever warms I can hose off Fabrizio's blow-up kiddie pool, get in, close my eyes and pretend.

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Jenn said...

I know what you mean, I'd love a vacation too, but no money to do it! Or maybe just an overnight at that Japanese Hotel and spa will do just fine!