Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alright already!

With my second year in motion I am finding myself in a strange place. Normally I would be biting my nails trying to figure out what to take on next, instead I could care less. I"m in the space of being completely content. Weird. Rarely am I content. I guess that it's one of those times that I should really just enjoy the emotion especially since it's a nice one. Who wants to hurry along content? Not me.

There are some things that I've been contemplating lately and wouldn't mind giving some additional thought to them. Mainly I've been thinking about God. I'm not a fiercely religious person but liken myself to being more spiritually curious. I was raised catholic and while that is as ingrained in my DNA as my eye color Fabrizio attends a Jewish school, on occasion we attend the Presbyterian church near our home and just for good measure I babble in Buddhism.

So as of late I've been thinking about God and the possibility that Jesus isn't his one true son. I'm liking the idea that perhaps he was a prophet send to a region to help guide them, like the other people around the globe who are idealized for their level of consciousness.

What about heaven? Do we really end up there or is that just a story that makes us feel good?

What about the idea of spirit guides or angels? I like this idea that each soul has things to accomplish and that there is this other worldly presence that helps guide us to the next level.

If there is truly a God then how come he seems rather mean? What about Buddha? He was a nice guy. Why don't we all follow his teachings? After all, the God of the old testament sure killed people easily. That in itself doesn't seem very nice. If you're this all powerful guy can't you make people nice?

Too many questions but I welcome some discussion on the issue.

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JMT said...

1- Being content is really good. Bask in this feeling, girlfriend!

2- Don't know about a proper answer to all your questions. I guess I'm at a point where I don't struggle with that. Jesus was a prophet and I love what he has to say about loving one's neighbor and being a good human being. Jesus and Buddha pretty much said the same things about peace and compassion. I don't know about heaven. I have a hard time with that one. W Bush will be in heaven but Dalai Lama will not because one believes in Christ and the other one doesn't? Yeah right. Give me a break! But I admit that I have refused to really think about the implication of this type of thoughts on my faith. Maybe I'm not a Christian then if I don't believe that Jesus came to save us. I feel pretty Catholic though. A super left-wing one focused on social justice and human rights!

I just hope you can be content, take what you like in each religion, and make your life an oasis of compassion and love.