Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little ranting anyone?

If I hear one more mother tell me how being a mom is the most fulfilling, amazing, rewarding and, my personal fav, the most fun EVER I will scream LIAR 3 inches from her face. This probably sounds more than a little bitchy and God knows I love my son more than life but come on people. Tuesday I had my share of mothers memorializing motherhood. Motherhood is all consuming, exhausting, frustrating and comical. Yes, it can be amazing in those rare moments of perfection when everything is right in the world and you're getting a cuddle, a laugh or they're asleep (another personal fav). Daily life though is less than perfect. It's fishing the contents of the bathroom trash out of the toilet. It's watching countless hours of mindnumbing tv. It's frantically racing through the kitchen as Fabrizio randomly points and says "that" and it's a race against an inevitable meltdown to figure out what the hell "that" means. Rewarding? Maybe in 30 years when he's making a killing as a nuero surgeon (fingers crossed) and I'll actually have time to reflect on everything I was able to accomplish with him. Fulfilling? Not unless you're refering to time and then yes it's filling all of it. I don't even get to go to the bathroom without screaming and pounding on the door or better yet, opening the door and trying to pull me off the toilet. Yeah, that's fun. The most fun I've ever had? I'm pretty sure that was when I lived in europe after college, or college itself (crazy times, crazy times). Now that was a blast!

I prefer to think of motherhood as straight comedy. Take nothing to seriously and definately don't build it into the meaning of your life. If you have to go around telling practical strangers how fulfilling motherhood is than you've got some issues to work out. So do women who go around saying how wonderful there husbands are. Honestly, unless you tell me otherwise I'm already assuming you enjoy your life. Afterall it's the life you chose.


Jo In The Congo said...

No, really, my husband is awesome. Just had to say that. I donät have any comment about motherhood (yet!) except thanks for being honest about it! Lovya.

Stella said...

I can so relate. Everyone can be disenchanted sometimes with being a wife, mom, daughter, friend...whatever. I totally agree with you! You rock!