Friday, July 31, 2009


Aaahhhh...happy Friday! I may be exhausted but I'm FREE. At least for a couple of hours. Game plan for today:

1. Drink coffee and play on computer (check)
2. Finish book
3. Go to Nordstrom and replace Fabrizio's favorite shoes (our asshole neighbor broke them)(he's 7 and yes he's an asshole)
4. Get sushi and drink sake or Mexican and a margarita (I like your thinking Kathy)
5. Sober up in a movie (I'm thinking Funny People)

Ideally I'd work in a nap but unless I'm willing to sleep in my car I'm kind of out of luck.

Here's a tip on aging well: Don't, under any circumstances, wear spandex over the age of causes all kinds of unpleasantness for the innocent.


JMT said...

SO exciting! Hope you had a grand day :)

katherine_m_gilmore said...

i hope you enjoyed your drink!!