Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a while.

I haven't been the best posting and I have said that I will change for some time now. Getting my netbook might just be the catalist I needed. I'm hoping anyway.

One of the major problems I'm experiencing is finding things to say. I've never been at a loss for words or complaints until now. I can blame the meds. I can say I'm content in life without much to comlain about. I can say my mind isn't really focused. All of which is true.

It is my new goal to add to the blog GFCF recipes, local restaurants with GFCF menus, recources for those with special needs children, and of course my running commintary of life in the OC.

As far as I've been concerned, things have been running pretty smoothly. Of course keeping in mind that David is set to be unemployed at the end of July, Fabrizio is working on communicating and anger issues and I'm trying to balance husband, child, house and self. It's hard enough trying to keep David positive and not show him my anxiety about our future. I'm just not very good at the whole balancing act.

Personally my body looks like a war zone. Scratches and bruises from a pool surfing accident, wounds from a biking mishap, more scratches and bruises from one of Fabrizio's rages, and the latest bruise from a sleep accident (I was dreaming about slapping some annoying girl and ended up hitting the bedframe pretty hard). Aside from the physical trauma I'm trying my best to stay focused and centered. Time will tell if it's working.


JMT said...

You'd better keep that writing up, girl! I am excited about reading stuff about the OC and of course about your wonderful and content life.

jules hanna said...

Yep, lady. You've got no excuse to not be posting more regularly now that you have a net book! I'm sure I can provide some help regarding content- like me throwing myself at that bartender last night? He was so dang cute! I hope I didn't make too much of an ass outta myself!