Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some weeks just suck!

All things considered this week has sucked. So rather than stewing over all the crap that has come my way I'm going to try to see the possitive in it all. Here's a brief (or not so) list of some crap:

Bad: Fabrizio getting me up before 5am two days this week.
Good: Being up before most living things, including the sun. Wow, days last forever this way. Yayy (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Bad: Counting out your pennies at Starbucks for your daily fix.
Good: No charging my credit card AND cleaning out my coin purse (I feel a little bad for the 5 people in line behind me..but come on people, we're in a recession!)

Bad: 10 day period
Good: No sex (ok not so good but I don't feel like being bothered at the moment)

Bad: My moms family in town for the weekend (it would be kind to say they were a little wierd)
Good: Being too busy with my own family to see them

Bad: 4 day headache with heartburn
Good: Kind of like dieting
Bad: No apparent weight loss

Bad: Freaking out on my mom because she has a life
Good: Getting a sympathy babysitter for a couple hours

Just writing it all down is theraputic. I'm feeling a little better already. No if I could just take a nap.


JMT said...

I love this format of bad/good. It's really funny (well, not the bad stuff, just the way you write). I hope next week is better. Give Fab to your mom for a few hours, then 1-go to Sbucks and surf the net while you drink your yummy coffee or 2- grab a chick lit and go to the beach. :)

katherine_m_gilmore said...

can you substitute a margarita for your coffee?