Friday, September 18, 2009

Unemployment is Hard

Unemployment being hard is a no brainer. Of course it is. When they say it's hard on everyone, they aren't kidding. What's really getting me is that David is always around. I feel like I'm bumping into him every time I turn around. It's getting old, fast. Yesterday, my mood steadily declined until I was lulled back to my zen spot by a lovely glass of pinot grigio. This morning however I had to take a few moments in the shower to regroup. Here's the deal: Fabrizio woke up at 6:50am (yayy) and he had to be at therapy in the HB by 8am, thus only giving us 40 minutes to down breakfast, have a shower and get him dressed and ready. Normally, no problem but this morning I was practically pulling my hair out. David decided to go back to sleep saying that he'd be up at 7am (yes, I guess those 10 minutes were crucial) to get Fabrizio dressed. Well, at 7am he's up and heading to the bathroom saying "just a quick shower"...uhhh, ok? 7:25am his highness is finally done primping. I feel lucky (yeah right) enough to get a 5 minute shower and 3 minutes to get dressed. With my hair still wet, I grab my comb and head out the door. Thankfully we just made it on time.

It was nice of David to want to come with me this morning and "keep me company" during the only 2 hours a week I have to myself BUT he just asked me if we were going to be here much longer! I need tranquilizers. I need more zen. I need time alone. I need a break. Ok, I know he's trying his best. I know he's a good husband going through a hard time. I really do. I'm playing the part of supportive, loving wife but I just need to not have a 2nd child asking me whats for lunch and then complaining that it's not good enough. Seriously!


JMT said...

Oh yes, it does sound like you need two hours on your own to breathe. So why not give fab to David for a couple of hours and you go to a movie, a bar, or to a coffee place and just chill. Me-time is essential to everyone. Seriously.

mammazen said...

I like your thinking. I think David and I are on the verge of a schedule -ahhh, more me time :)

katherine_m_gilmore said...

i agree with j-have david take fab to his therapies and you go get yourself a coffee!