Thursday, September 17, 2009

You've been on my mind

I'm back after my summer hiatus...ok, fine, my lazy period. Since, I'm still stuggling to bring my brain up to speed I'll update my throngs of readers with my goings on.

-Davids company sold out and he's now out of a job (which can be really annoying at times, since he's now ALWAYS around)
-David, Fab and I headed over to Catalina for a week of extremely cheap vacationing.
-Fabrizio started preschool (fingers are still crossed that he'll make it through the 1st week)
-And most importantly, I washed the windows yesterday. This is truly a big, big accomplishment for me.

In general I've been annoyed. Annoyed at health insurance. Annoyed at the school district. Annoyed at Davids old boss. I'm not gonna lie, it's a struggle but there are too many positives to out weigh the negatives.

Hopefully I'll have something funny or interesting to write soon. Hey, maybe tomorrow :0)

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JMT said...

Oooh, preschool! Exciting! Hopefully the bureaucracy will give way to a good fall... Looking forward to reading more.