Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is dragging me down

This isn't working for me. Although it shouldn't be a big surprise. Recently every time I put my pen down to write nothing comes out. Sadly, whatever does is such trash it just ends up getting tossed aside. It's probably the change in season. I'm no longer in my happy summer zone. Thank God I live in SoCal. It may not offer affordable housing, a booming job market or down to earth people but it's got great weather. How could I survive in a real winter when temps in the 60's drive me under the covers and to moody music?

I have 3 current things to rant about:

1. I want my latte!! I've been waiting for it for at least 15 minutes.

2. I want to push two middle aged women (keep your comments to yourself regarding my age) out of their chairs so that I can reclaim my rightful spot in the coffee shop.

3. People really need to stop carrying their pets around in oversize purses.

Wow, I really thought that belting this out would be hard but I guess my negativity is great for writing.

**Updates: they forgot my latte (really? didn't they see that I was suffering?) and the two old farts finally moved but I'm too settled to make the change (no comments about me being an old fart for not moving).

The coffee is really helping my mood. My eyes are still straining to stay awake but at least I'm not going to punch the annoying British guy initiating conversations with half the shop.

Ooouuuccchhh, I just choked on my coffee. Stupid coffee! Ok, so maybe my mood is only slightly improved. Baby steps.


JMT said...

1- English guys can be annoying, but they are annoying with a lovely british accent. That's right there is sexy.
2- You're not middle age.
3- Winters in the 60s? It's already less than 55 here and it's getting colder and wetter by the day. I. Hate. Winter. And yes, winters make people moody.
4- Enjoy your latte!
5- Blogger wants me to write the word "chitad" to verify that I am human. It makes me think of shit head. Definitely human!

Stacey said...

I totally agree about all of those. I want my vanilla latte from Peets. We are NOT middle aged, I'm too mean to die by the time I'm 66 :) and pets need to be left at home, they are not an accessory like a damn belt! They do not belong in a purse...EVER!!!