Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here's me over caffinated "OH MY PHONE IS RINGING" ...uh, negative Batman. Your phone is next to you ....silent. Still over caffinated, start talking in an Elmo voice to David and Fabrizio isn't even here. I'm losing it. My eyes are aching from being uber tired but my body and mind are racing in a really annoying way. I'm making up songs, dancing around, acting like a kid that needs ridalin. Now I'm alone and am just about ready to explode from energy overload. I have to say that I actually kind of like this feeling but I'm really not looking forward to the crash. Oh, that will probably be bad. Hopefully, it's when Fabrizio goes down for his nap. Yayyyy nap time. I might need to walk down to the coffee shop to reload if he decides he doesn't want to sleep. Oh no I'm totally rambling. My mind is racing, I'm misspelling so many words and this is taking forever to go let me wirte withourt trgoing over mty workds to correct my se[elling. Oh thiats bad. I'm usually much better ate tyoing thatn this. Ok, thime to slooooowwwwww down for a second....not posihblleeerr fhd;lkjghdsfgube ai;ogh


JMT said...

Best post ever! We can all read the caffeine overload and it's hilarious. "Negative Batman" is something I'm going to have to use more often -like when Joe asks for it. Ha, I can already imagine his face...!! I hope you had a good nap :)

katherine_m_gilmore said...