Friday, September 17, 2010

Sick or new possibilities?

A friend once told me that when someone gets sick it's because their body is purging, readying itself for a change. A clearing of a blocked channel. A release of the unconscious mind. A freeing of oneself.

It's really a lovely idea. One that at present I am holding onto for dear life, or so it seems. I've been sick now for nearly two weeks. Each day seemingly worse. I've tried positive thought like "I'm healthy. Never better." Which might have had a slight impact since it was only when I quit this way of thinking that my cold deepened but it was exhausting thinking "I'm so healthy" only to have that followed by coughs so loud and painful that I am certain some internal damage occurred.

I've tried sipping medicinal teas which are great if you have time to relax and take a nap. I was only able to get away with this once. Fabrizio and I were curled up on the couch. I was napping and he was watching TV. I'd only wake up to put on a new show. What a good boy! What a sick mommy!

I need something that is going to rid me of my symptoms. I need drugs. I have gone from longing for new clothes and a vacation to a z-pack.

Sickness aside, I am hopeful that there is some truth to what my friend has said. Maybe just maybe my body is purging itself, readying for new possibilities. I think most of us would take a little cold if it came with a new level of self.

Or maybe it's just the cold talking.


Jenn said...

I'm still sick too! If your cold has lasted more than 14 days, I'd go see the doc (that's what she told me last year if it lasted that long). Feel better my friend! We can be sickies together...

JMT said...

Um, yeah, go see the doctor pronto, girl. 14 days doesn't sound like a normal cold! Hopefully you'll feel rejuvenated once the cold is bue-bye.