Friday, October 8, 2010

Over Scheduled!

It's been a few weeks since I've posted and usually when I do I am a little more prepared than I am today. Today there is no rough draft, no revision just thoughts flowing.

Over the past month my life has been ruled by one thing....stress!!!

Fabrizio started preschool which although is great it has also been incredibly stressful. I've been busy fine tuning his therapies, reworking schedules, addressing new needs and behaviors. Now that we are finally settling into our new schedule and finding our rhythm I am amping myself up for our IEP review early next month. We will be reviewing his current therapies, in which he is doing well, and addressing the possibility for more therapies (school OT and Behavior). Preschool is an big enough adjustment without adding all of this.

His preschool director suggested we add an activity for him outside of school in which he can excel. It's a great idea except that he is already so busy with school, OT, PT, APE, Speech and Social Skills therapies. That's not even including the therapies that may be added within the next month! I am left wondering: when is enough, enough?

It's not a question that I have a solid answer to but I'm going with now. Enough is enough now. He needs time to chill, to have unstructured play, to know what down time is, to just be a kid. Swim lessons will have to wait, karate will always be there and music we can play at home for now.


JMT said...

I like this approach. Time for him, and time for you apart from all the weekly scheduled activities is definitely good. Hope your next month is not as stressed.

Jenn said...

I agree with having enough unstructured time! They need time like we do to just relax and not have every moment of the day filled with busyness or something "to do." We all need time to just be! :) Keep up the good work mama, you sure are busy!