Friday, December 10, 2010

Fa La La La La...I'm over it!!

Ok, I'm going to sound like an old lady for a moment but where does the time go? Seriously, it was just summer! Don't get me wrong the season itself is welcome. It's just as though I am often left feeling like I'm in a race to nowhere.

I'm sure that you can relate, right? At first it was a rush to Halloween and the birthday party I was throwing. Then rush rush Thanksgiving is almost here, oops don't forget Fabrizio's birthday (brief pause) Happy Birthday to you.... next day, Happy Chanukah (yes, I'm certifiable by adding in Chanukah) ! Ok, I have a couple of days to catch my breath. Nevermind there is a list of things to do before the weekend of Christmas parties. Followed by another weekend of Christmas parties, a visit with Santa and...HOLY CRAP, I have to buy presents!!

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