Monday, December 13, 2010

A busy weekend makes for good thought

So the weekend was a blur. Friday date night, Saturday were holiday parties, and Sunday we had a holiday concert in Long Beach with the Pops and I got to go to a comedy show with some friends. It, in all, was a good weekend. I did, however, learn quite a lot and I feel it only appropriate to share:

1. Date night should mean that you are out past 6:30 unless, I suppose, you are in for a romantic evening. I'm guessing that sitting on the couch in my cozy PJ's watching TV for hours does not count as "romantic".

2. When going to holiday parties it is implied that there will be lots of alcohol so it might be a good idea to eat during the day of the party or at least drink some water. Neither of which I did. Really, how dumb can you get? Needless to say I was not my best the next day. Which takes me to number 3.

3. Make sure that when you make very dumb drinking mistakes you are not staying with your in laws. It's, umm, embarrassing.

4. Don't take a 4 year old who is sensitive to sound to a concert. We stayed for about 10 minutes.

5. I love comedy shows. Nothing to gripe about there, just thought I'd throw it in.

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JMT said...

Right. Good weekend, sounds like! I like your lessons learnt. Good notes to self.
I also like your new blog "face." Muy cool.