Thursday, January 27, 2011

sashimi you melt me

I don't like fish, never have. David likes to recount the time we were driving along the gulf coast in Alabama and after searching for somewhere to eat for close to an hour I practically yelled at him "I don't like fish!!" Seeing as that was all that we could find. Things haven't gotten much better since then. "I don't like fish" is one of his favorite ways to mock me. Sure he says it in a playful way but I know the truth, he's ashamed of my blatant disregard of all things aquatic. I don't like fish, swimming in the ocean,surfing, jet skiing or scuba diving.

Well, as of last Friday night you can probably cross fish off that list. It was date night and although we toyed with the idea of getting Indian food we didn't seem to have the energy to drive 30 minutes to Little India, in our opinion the only place to get Indian food. Nor did I have the energy to sustain the line Claim Jumper, our second option and David's favorite chain restaurant. I hate the food there anyway and in my opinion the only redeemable thing it is that they have good cocktails. So when David suggested Kitayama our favorite Japanese restaurant I jumped. The place is perfect and everything in there takes me back to a country I love.

We went about ordering and although I didn't vary too much from my usual California roll I encouraged David to get the sashimi. "Oh my god, this is delicious", he said through the rice and tuna stuffed in his mouth. "Uh huh, that's great", I replied and then there it was, the offer to try some. "Oh, maybe next time" but that was only met with ridicule. There would be no next time and we both knew it.

Reluctantly I grabbed at the last piece of tuna, took a deep breath and prepared myself to gag only I didn't. What I couldn't understand, and still don't, was how it could be so melty and mild after all this was raw fish. How could I have been wrong for so long?

I'll try it again and now I can honestly say that there will be a next time. Who knows maybe I'll branch out and eat eel? OK, probably not but I know if I get a nod from David that it's amazing I'll stick my chop stick in for that last piece.

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