Thursday, February 24, 2011

fragmented...word of the week

Earlier this week, I managed to catch snippets of a conversation two of my friends were having. Not so surprising the focus was on kids, husbands and overwhelming schedules (or at least those were the parts that I caught while running between them and my son). I was able to pause long enough to catch the word fragmented. Fragmented! To be honest I can't remember the context she used the word but it doesn't really matter, the word stuck. Who doesn't feel fragmented? Running from one thing to the next, keeping up with kids, husbands, house, chores...I can go on but you can finish your own list.

Each new addition to my routine seems to scatter the pieces that I have spent months trying to arrange. Each new addition creating an overwhelming feeling as I scramble to reorganize my little world.

I know every woman can relate. I'm starting to crave a life off the grid. Maybe a little commune somewhere were we can all take on different roles, where we can have a community and support. Maybe a tropical locale with a pool...OK, now I'm just fantasizing but who doesn't. Life can seem like a balancing act that without a little OCD just doesn't work.

How do we simplify in a world that supports chaos?


JMT said...

Oh, how I dream about a community of people living close by who can help each other. We've talked about that numerous times in the past, and I think that there is something fundamentally wrong about trying to do everything on one's own. It should take a village to raise a child/feel good/grow, etc.

Nancy Hamm said...

I am down for creating a community. What do you say we buy up some land, build a few cottages and live off the grid? Too extreme? I'll put some more thought into it.