Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One year down, three to go

One year down and three to go. With that written I feel it only appropriate to have a look back at a year that has been both progressive and challenging. Of the 40 things on my list to do, this is what I have managed to achieve:

knit a scarf - thank you Jennifer for teaching me. I have so much to learn!
learn to make croissants - interesting and brutally time consuming. I will probably not be making them again
rock wall climb - so much fun. Thanks to Julie for getting 100 ft in the air.
go to confession - something every Catholic should do at least once every 20 years
do hot yoga for 20 consecutive days - adhering to the practice was great for my body and mind
learn to meditate properly - again thanks to Jennifer for taking me to the Zen Center and sharing with me something so close to her heart
fly alone - the one thing I'm most proud of
snowboard - incredibly hard
skinny dip -enough said
write something for publication - done. catch me every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at stunewslaguna.com
throw a party - overwhelming and fun
attend a comedy show - a laugh a minute
fly a kite - umm, sadly overrated but on the plus side my husband is now a kite lover
attend a concert - never liked big crowds or live music and this was an attempt to get over that...fairly successful yet I still don't see what all the fuss is about
find a career path - done. sealed. and delivering.
volunteer - now a board member of a group dedicated to Human Trafficking issues.
read the bible - in an attempt to know what people keep referencing I thought it would be a good move. sorry to say that I've stalled in Deuteronomy
eat at benihana - a silly childhood dream realized.

It looks like a lot and while most of the items are small they helped me to break out of that unhappy spot that I was in a year ago. Over the past few days I've been trying to think what, if anything, all of this has done for me. In a lot of ways I don't feel any different. At times I've been feeling like nothing has changed but when I look carefully and am honest with myself things have shifted and my life is on a new path. As subtle as change can be at times we must remember that there are no constants in life. Everything is always changing and I know that through my own design I have been able to create that change and move my life in the direction I truly want.

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JMT said...

You have done a lot in the past year! That's really awesome. Hope this second year is as full of new adventures and experiences as last one.