Tuesday, March 8, 2011

random thoughts on the end of friendship

It's a curious thing when friendships run their course. Perhaps just as curious is the phrase "run their course". It's not as though relationships have a use by date but lately it feels as though many of my relationships have been falling by the wayside.  Their expiration date passes and we're suddenly pushed off into different directions only able to glance back quickly wonder why and how it all happened. Of course I reassure myself that it's all for the best- two people, two directions. Mine conveniently perceived as up. Theirs conveniently troubled and pathetic. So happy we are then to be free of the others weight.

As time quickly passes and more friendships reach their expiration date I have to wonder if it isn't a matter of up or down at all but two souls going on their way to live their life intended.

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JMT said...

Still... each end of friendship hurts, whether it's because of an argument or because with time you call each other less. I still feel guilty about people I don't talk to as much or anymore and wonder what I could have done to make the relationship work -when at times it seems evident that we were just indeed on different roads. Lots to think about (and occasions to ramble) on this theme!