Thursday, March 17, 2011

there really might be sun behind the clouds

Finally, the sunshine is beginning to break through the clouds. I was beginning to think that my bad mood was a permanent shift in my being. Honestly, when you start yelling at homeless people asking for money it's pretty obvious that you are not only a massive bitch but in a very very bad place. It's embarrassing to realize how nasty you can be. I'm going to blame it all on March. It's always been a miserable month for me. Everyone who knows me knows that if it's March chances are that I will think that the sky is falling and for me it is. It's a time when I just want to withdraw into my mood, do way too much thinking and figure my life out. It's a work in progress but at least there is progress. At times life may not feel like it's moving in the direction you want or even at all but if you can just sit in that feeling you might just notice that it's a great opportunity to make those little adjustments that you are in need of.


JMT said...

March does suck the energy out of you (well, except for March 30th, this goes without saying). Even April is usually meh. Hope the sunshine and the end of this month will make you feel better.

So seriously you yelled at a homeless person? is it bad I wish I had been there to witness that?

Jenn said...

Remember, impermanence! Key Buddhist concept! Equinox is coming, must be a good sign right?