Monday, May 16, 2011

Moldy conclusions

Last night as I stood at the bathroom sink brushing my teeth it was hard to miss my retainer case directly at eye level. Yes, I'm huge dork that still needs a retainer but I've been avoiding it for about as long as I've been avoiding the computer, and everything else for that matter. Everyday I see that case and promptly close the medicine cabinet. Tonight will be different, I thought. I took a deep sigh, finished up the job at hand and then grabbed those damn retainers. It took a while to wedge them into place which is why it took me longer than I'd like to notice that the entire bottom of the case had sprouted mold. Black mold, beige mold, mold growing upon mold. Yeah, it was gross. I'm pretty sure that I've never spit something out of my mouth so fast and I am certain that I've never used as much mouth wash.

It was never my intention to let them sit for so long. It's lead me to wonder, how does a few days off turn into 2 months? Time is a tricky thing but I guess that is something to beware of. It's easy to let life take control and whirl you around. Before you know it much time has passed and although you've had a good time (hopefully) you might not have accomplished much (I'm speaking of myself). There may just in fact be mold growing somewhere it shouldn't.

In these past two months I can honestly say that I've done...well, not much. I'd hate to see what's become of the kitchen, which has been painfully ignored. It's been wonderful living life in the moment and although I'm not ready to live any other way I do think some planning might be in order.

We are on the verge of summer, a season of activity and I'm bursting with want and desire. My first desire is to have warm weather. The kind of warm where the air wraps you in a soft warm blanket. Ok, a little out of my control but aside from warm air I have a list that is not being checked off so I need to think a little. What to do? What to do?

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JMT said...

Though I don't like the image of mold, I appreciate what you're saying and will keep that in mind. I definitely don't want any of my dreams and goals to become moldy!