Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Front yard realizations...

Recently I held an estate sale for my grandmothers belongings, which in and of itself was a troubling thing to be doing. I had a memory attached to nearly everything that was out and yet I was selling it to the highest bidder. If she weren't dead already, this would have killed her. At one point, she lived life to the fullest and then over time, and with age, she began putting more value on the "stuff" she acquired than the relationships she had.

It wasn't until I was sitting on the porch surveying the items we had strategically placed in the yard when the gravity of it all began to settle in.  It was a lesson in life. A lesson to not get caught up with material possessions that in the end are so meaningless. 

We all know this but sometimes it's good to have a reminder, sometimes it needs to be as obvious as this was for me. What's important in life? Your family, your contribution, your experiences and your attitude because in the end it's all meaningless junk that ends up being sold.

I'm grateful to have learned this lesson even if I need the occasional reminder to get me back to center.

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JMT said...

That's a great and important reminder. Hope the sale was not too difficult for you.