Friday, October 21, 2011

self improvement in the name of progress

It's a gloomy Friday morning and I'm trying my hardest to motivate myself to do something that might actually result in progress.

Does it count that I took a shower this morning? How about that I made my son pancakes at 7am? Or that I'm actually on the computer attempting something that looks like writing? Yes, yes and yes...or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

On a side note, that is somewhat tied in, I've decided to put effort into my appearance. I've never been particularly skilled in this area. Honestly, I've never really been good at anything that requires self maintenance.

It all started when I was no longer able to touch my feet to trim my toenails. (I know it's terrible, and there are so many things about being in the final stages of pregnancy that are unpleasant but that is a completely different rant.) So off I went to the nail salon completely annoyed at the beginning to be spending money on something that I used to do myself but by the end I was totally in love. My toes were pretty and I was relaxed. I felt great!

It all seemed to snowball after that because then I began to think about my hair, which had been fried by a bad stylist nearly a year earlier and so I got it done. Bam! I felt good. My hair was no longer a frizzy bleached out puff that couldn't be combed but a soft natural color that actually lays flat. Now my focus is makeup because after all, I'm 37. Things like brown spots, fine lines and a blotchy complexion are creeping up and at times I'm not even sure I really have eyes because they blend in with the rest of my face.

Currently I have 1 eyeliner, 2 shades of eye makeup (does it have a name? I have no clue), 1 mascara and chap stick all of which is about 2 years old. Sad, isn't it? Regardless of my limited resources I have been practicing wearing makeup. Yes, practicing because my skill level is probably not even as good as a 12 year old girl but I have to say that I kind of like the effect.

While I'm relatively late to this game and I'll never be one of those real girlie girls it's still nice to feel good. I've even got a post baby list going that includes getting some teeth whitening strips, hitting the gym and maybe even investing in some heels.


JMT said...

I could so have written this -albeit not as skillfully as you did. My make up is years old (heck I realized I bought my blush in France. When I lived there!!) and I couldn't care less about my hair or nails. This needs to change.

I kinda hate the fact that teenagers know more than us about fashion and make up. Damnit, this is lame.

Malia said...

stopping by for the blog hop!! now following....

stop by if you get the chance & enter some giveaways!

jules hanna said...

Oooh! New hair? I can't wait to see it. What a wonderful post. Perhaps we should get a makeover at Sephora this week. Might be fun?